The Gaslamp Killer
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The Gaslamp Killer
The Gaslamp Killer
The Gaslamp KillerThe Gaslamp KillerThe Gaslamp KillerThe Gaslamp KillerThe Gaslamp KillerThe Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer is assassin and antidote. His nickname is not made up out of thin air. William Bensussen is entitlement's worst nightmare. His DJ sets pummel basic shit and return music to a sacred place: shamanic, visceral, honest, so pupils dilate and heads roll. If you're looking for tension-filled sound, GLK is the generator.

Anyone who has witnessed one of his worldwide concerts understands. In a cover story, LA Weekly called the Low End Theory co-founder and resident "the most popular major DJ in L.A. ...., wowing both the bro-step horde and avant-garde diggers... every song he puts on feels like it's been remixed with an intensity reminiscent of Richter."
Resident Advisor described his shows as "the epitome of boisterous energy. Rock, jazz, bass music and funk can be heard as well as hip-hop while he performs with his now signature dance moves." You may have seen the aforementioned dance moves in the Apple commercial that aired during the 2015 Grammys. Or maybe you've seen him at one of the biggest international festivals.

The music cannot be separated from the man. GLK has survived tragedies and near deaths, overcame countless obstacles and psychological odysseys. He is meditative and spiritual, peaceful but vicious, growling but thoughtful. He's the wrong motherfucker to be teased, but the right one to follow. Hit your head and take a bow.


Janiv Oron (Goldfinger Brothers)

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