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Moonpools is a five-piece band from Basel, founded in 2016 by Marcie Nyffeler (vocals/guitar), Jasper Nyffeler (drums) and Francesco Vona (synths) and completed in 2017 by Matthias Gusset (guitar) and David Blum (bass). The latter is known from various Basel projects such as She Loves You, Don't Kill The Beast and Mastergrief.

In August 2022, they released their second EP 'Damaged Goods' on the Lucerne label Young and Aspiring. The release met with a positive response from both national and international media.
Their third EP 'Hide and Seek' will now be released on April 19, 2024, which the band recorded independently in their rehearsal room, except for the drums. In contrast to the last releases, the songwriting process was much more collaborative: The majority of the songs were written by guitarist Matthias Gusset. Inspired by bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Ruby Haunt or Ride, the songs, whose melodies and lyrics were written by singer Marcie Nyffeler, move between indie rock and shoegaze. Countless distorted guitars lay down the carpet on which ecstatic synth melodies, sweeping basslines and heavy drums collide.

However, the concise arrangements only form the backdrop for the catchy and touching vocal lines that form the heart of the band. Marcie Nyffeler, whose lyrics are often a balancing act between melodrama and kitsch, sings about forgiveness, feelings of guilt, self-doubt and self-discovery. This honest and at times self-deprecating view, together with the boisterous music, unfolds a charm that makes Moonpools' music so irresistible and brings a smile to your lips while you are still wiping the little tear from your eye.

Support: Hæsin

Hæsin will release their debut EP "Sorgenkind" on January 19. The five-piece supergroup from Basel makes
innovative indie pop/rock, embedded in High German lyrics and voices that range from softly
purring to raspy screaming. On "Sorgenkind", the band from Basel presents itself as independent and

A karaoke bar in Basel, early 2021: five people who are already involved in other music projects (including Zeal & Ardor, Malummí) meet for a first rehearsal. Four hours later, the basis for the first songs of Hæsin is laid. This immense urgency, the discharge that led to the first song sketches, is also reflected on the debut EP "Sorgenkind". Hæsin tell stories that seem like snapshots from life, so vivid and close that you always want to listen to them.

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