Dominik Hartz
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Dominik Hartz
Dominik Hartz
Dominik HartzDominik HartzDominik HartzDominik HartzDominik HartzDominik Hartz

A man with many faces - Dominik Hartz shows at least two of them on his double EP "F*CK you".

In the ice cream parlor, at the bar, when choosing a partner - decisions have to be made everywhere. But what if you can't decide between a cup and a cone? What if your preferences lie in a gray area? Dominik Hartz, the artist who doesn't want to commit himself, serves a broad palette with his variety of sounds and genres. From house smashers like "Klimpa Klimpa" to jazzy old-school hip-hop beats and post-punk anthems like "love yourself, fucked up", he moves freely between the poles. His double EP "F*CK you", half rap, half indie, shows his versatility. While in tracks like "KIPPE" he appears energetic and wide-legged, in "7 tage" he invites you to dream with a beautiful singing voice and guitar accompaniment. He doesn't care whether he uses the word "in love" or not. He closes defiantly with "idgaf". His universe is colorful, and his shows are just as lively and unifying as his music. Dominik Hartz seems to be in the flow and successful, no matter what pigeonhole you want to put him in.

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