Audio Dope record release
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Audio Dope record release
Audio Dope record release
Audio Dope record releaseAudio Dope record releaseAudio Dope record releaseAudio Dope record releaseAudio Dope record releaseAudio Dope record release


Basel-based producer and musician Audio Dope will release his new album "Gone" in spring 2023.
For the new album, Audio Dope collaborated with an international cast of artists* including Noah Slee (NZL), Rome Fortune (US), Emilia Anastazja (CH) and Manuel Gagneux (Zeal & Ardor, Birdmask, US/CH), all of whom serve as featured artists. The new album also marks the debut of Audio Dope's own voice.

Audio Dope began his musical journey producing traditional beats inspired by late 90's hip-hop tracks. Subsequently, he discovered his passion for instrumentals and developed a unique musical vision: genre-hopping between trip-hop, downtempo, electronica and lo-fi hip-hop. With the release of his debut EP "Solar" in November 2015, Audio Dope made a name for himself and was shared and played by blogs and radios like Indie Shuffle, HillyDilly, Earmilk and BBC. In February 2018, Audio Dope released his eponymous debut album on Majestic Casual Records, followed by the EP "Preserved" the same year. On April 24, 2020, his second album "Superlunary" was released. In 2022, Audio Dope released the EP "Inner" and the collab album "Instant Noodle Soup".
Audio Dope has released eleven works so far, was awarded "Best Electronic Demo" at M4Music in 2016 and the Basel Pop Prize in 2018, and has reached more than 50 million streams of his songs so far - on Soundcloud (1.5 million), Youtube (2.4 million), Apple Music (17.6 million) and Spotify (29.8 million).
In 2019, together with pianist Matthias Gusset, he launched his new project Kappa Mountain, which has already released two EPs Echo Pool and Echo Pool II.


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